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construction site management

Construction Management Services in Kansas City

Whether it is Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) or Construction Management Agency (CMA), construction management is our preferred delivery method for all projects. This collaborative approach offers great benefits over the traditional design-bid-build option in controlling the budget, schedule and quality of the project. As construction manager, we provide the greatest value when involved early in the design process, allowing us to become a partner with the owner and integral part of the design team.

If you are satisfied with a construction manager that simply brings “company experience” to your project, prepare to be impressed. At Newkirk Novak we look beyond the project and aim to build partnerships, not just buildings. We believe in our people, our resumes and the personal investment we bring to your project. Our team is led by the ownership of our company who are experienced and will be visible on your job and in our community of Kansas City. We are proud to provide leadership that not only has the experience you require and deserve, but who will also be your day-to-day point of contact. This is one of the many benefits to your company that sets Newkirk Novak Construction Partners apart from the competition.

Hiring a construction manager is an important decision with long-term impacts for a company. The team at Newkirk Novak Construction Partners is no stranger to planning and executing multi-million dollar projects. Throughout our careers we have collectively managed and successfully completed 100+ construction manager projects worth over $2 billion dollars. Our long history with construction management delivery, familiarity with similar project types, and most importantly, the team we are providing, prove that while we may be the newest firm in Kansas City, we are certainly one of the most experienced.

From beginning to end Newkirk Novak Construction Partners can oversee the management of your project. Utilizing a construction management approach enables us to produce a highly cost effective and efficiently scheduled project - all while delivering you with the highest quality construction possible. As your Construction Manager, we are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the project to ensure your goals and needs are met. Throughout the construction process we will continue to build our partnership with Newkirk Novak owner involvement at every step.

Cost Control

Controlling cost begins long before the construction process starts. Unexpected costs are incurred when proper planning is not executed, typically due to a lack of communication. We continually monitor and control the budget throughout a project's lifecycle to avoid such situations. In addition to developing detailed schedule and scopes of work, we communicate with subcontractors early and often to ensure all trade partners know job expectations. Throughout the project we lead regular meetings with the team to discuss and review the budget. If a change is required, we serve as your advocate, always ensuring fair and transparent costing is provided

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Site Safety

Safety is our top priority, and we work tirelessly to guarantee an accident-free work zone. Establishing a safe jobsite requires education, inspection and enforcement. In accordance with our written safety plan, we hold our employees and trade partners accountable for all aspects of safety. At Newkirk Novak, we make every effort to ensure that operations of contractors under our control do not endanger the safety of anyone involved with a project.

Quality Assurance

Quality is never achieved by accident. Our process for providing top quality services focuses around our pre-installation meetings where all parties involved in an activity are required to attend, and expectations are set that drive quality onsite every day.

Project Communication

Communication is vital during construction. We proactively communicate with the project team as well as with the public and neighboring businesses during construction to improve efficiency and eliminate time consuming misunderstandings. Part of this approach includes bi-weekly meetings with key publics and businesses to discuss matters critical to project completion - budget, schedule, change orders, etc. We also meet weekly with our trade partners to review job progress and coordinate work.

Schedule Adherence

Once under construction, schedule reviews and updates are critical. In this phase we constantly communicate with our partners to provide the most recent completion projections. We also work with our trade partners and suppliers to guarantee our long lead time items are procured in a timely manner.

A few of the many factors we consider:

  • Long lead materials
  • Available manpower
  • Owner decision and approval process
  • Weather (winter conditions)
  • Working hour restrictions

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